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Internerding It Up

So it looks as though I am going to have my own monthly column in Information Today. I’ll be highlighting two or three “neat” tools, be they websites, IM applications, social networks, or what have you. I love that this gives me a justification for all the Web 2.0 geekdom I engage in anyway!


Net Nerd News

FriendFeed — yes or no? I’m not sure yet, but I’m a bit interested.

Also, my computer was out for upgrading last weekend, so at some point this weekend there will be a post about the last two episodes of Lost.

Tome of Facades

Given Facebook’s apparent status as the favored social network of people in the tech field and people who simply write about it, I decided it was time to join up.  I suppose if even the mighty Penny Arcadians are doing it, I can too.  So far I have to say I’m impressed.  Because of the general idea that MySpace and Facebook are competitors, I had different expectations for what the service would be.  Or rather, for how the service would feel.  MySpace feels like a my page from the Internet yearbook — it’s a convenient thing to link straight to from other services so people can get a quick glimpse of my taste and be inundated by whichever song I’ve got on there.  As others have posited, MySpace is the last bastion of the 90’s home page aesthetic, and that’s a sort of good thing.

Facebook, on the other hand, is as Web 2.0 as possible.  My MySpace profile is referred back to by other services, whereas a Facebook profile serves as a central hub for those services.  MySpace seems to struggle to create a largely contained network, trying label as many services as possible with the MySpace brand.  Facebook lets you plug in services of your own preference.  I can’t help but like that more.

Tumbling +5

I’ve been engaged with the whole Web 2.0 thing for the last couple years now, and in light of my new job at InfoToday the time has come to for me to really renew the fervor with which I originally pursued such distractions. I only began using Twitter a couple of months ago, and like many my RoT (Rate of Tweets) has steadily fallen off — not unlike this blog. I think that my newest dalliance has the potential to last quite a bit longer. I’ve set up a “tumblelog” through Tumblr, one of the more recent “It” services of the W2.0 universe. I’ve got it linked over there in the sidebar, in the “Related Pages” section. It’s called NOTM. Tumblelogs — which, I think we can all agree, should really be called “tumblogs” — are essentially abbreviated versions of traditional blogs, so I thought the name appropriate. Isn’t it strange to think that we’ve reached a point when the words “blog” and “traditional” can be put together like that?

In light of this new distinction between my full-blown blog (which IS returning to pseudo-regular posts soon, for real-for real) and my random Internet thoughts blog, I’m removing the postings from this blog and moving them over there. From here on out, updates at this address will be real updates, not just automated internerdery.

I still intend to blog my internerd’s guide on here at some point soon. I’ve also been formulating some editorial/autobiographical thoughts brought about by next year’s impending release of the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Then there’s the strong urge to blog all the new episodes of Lost as they air, now that I’m caught up…

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