Drop-Everything Movies

Haven’t blogged in a while, blah, blah, blah, simple first post in a while.

So The A.V. Club ran a Q&A about Drop-Everything Movies, the movies where “it doesn’t matter that you’ve seen it 13 times already, nor does it matter what point in the movie it’s at: You immediately stop flipping to watch ’til the end, even if it’s 4 a.m.”

I thought this was an awesome topic for a Q&A, and I noticed in reading professional critics reponses that these movies are not neccesarily what you’d list when you asked someone their favorite movie (although they might be). My personal drop-everything movies are RoboCop and Unforgiven. I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends what their’s were, and here are the compiled responses:

  • Elise Carr: “Dirty Dancing. lol I know, I know.”
  • Donna Hacking: “Waterboy/Moonstruck”
  • Alex Rivera: “Last dragon. Karate kid for some reason. And the Breakfast club.”
  • Beth Strobridge: “The Godfather Parts I & II and Drumline. Yeah, I said it.”
  • Joe Monzo: “JFK”
  • Chris Walter: “Saving Private Ryan, Field of Dreams, Halloween.”
  • Andy Willson: “anything with john wayne.”
  • Bill Greenwood: “Totally ‘The Fugitive.’ If I see even a second of that, I can kiss my next 2 hours goodbye.”
  • Dave Costill: “forest gump.”
  • Kyle Taylor: “Goodfellas. Even when it’s censored w/ commercials.”
  • Mike Schmidt: “Better of dead and anything with Clint Eastwood or John wayne.”
  • Ryan Phillippi: “Rocky 1-4 makes drop what im doing. Along with Halloween, Goodfellas (on dvd lol), ghostbusters, back to the future, n Shawshank.”
  • John Kuhlen: “2001 or 2010.”
  • Tanya Kuhlen: “Love Actually, Goonies, and The Breakfast Club.”
  • Perry Davis: “Shawshank.”
  • Joe Posten: “Tombstone, Top Gun, any Kevin Costner baseball movie, Searching For Bobby Fisher…”
  • Matt Butler: “ghostbusters… There’s always time for ghostbusters.”

If you are reading this and you haven’t shared your drop-everything movie(s), leave ’em in the comments section.


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