Lost Season 5: Titles for the Rest of the Season

First, a quasi-spoiler alert: If you think knowing the title of the episode ahead of time is a spoiler, then don’t look at the list below. If you’ve already looked at the list and are now mad at me, deal with it.

I personally like knowing the titles ahead of time; it intrigues me to speculate on their implied meaning. Most of these are confirmed in that they come from IMDB, although the last two come from TV.com and are therefore not entirely out of rumor status.

Beginning with tonight’s episode, the remaining titles are as follows:

5.6 “316”
5.7 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”
5.8 “LaFleur”
5.9 “Namaste”
5.10 “He’s Our You”
5.11 “Whatever Happened, Happened”
5.12 “Dead is Dead”
5.13 “Some Like It Hoth”
5.14 “The Variable, Parts 1 &2” (total of 3 hours)

If “Some Like It Hoth” turns out to be the correct title of that episode, it officially has my vote for Best Title Ever.


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Posted on February 18, 2009, in Lost. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I thought there were going to be 17 episodes this season?

  2. There are actually going to be 17 hours WORTH of episodes. I put my own two cents in that the two parts of “The Variable” would total 3 hours, but looking back, if the titles are correct, each part would be 2 hours, for a total of 4 hours worth of episodes.

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