Lost 5.6 “316”

I am clearly wrong and have made this up in my goofy little head, but I thought that Jack and Ben talked about Locke’s death being a suicide in a previous episode. Ah, well, moving on …

Well, moving on …

Wow, where do I start?

It was an episode that actually raised some fresh questions for the first time in a while. What happened to Aaron? How did Sayid come to be arrested yet end up on Ajira? How did Hurley get there? Can Ben actually return to the Island? And did he pull a Manson Family on Penny and little Charlie before doing so?

The overwhelming sadness of Locke’s short suicide note was like a punch in the gut. If only Jack had believed him back on the Island, he never would have had to sacrifice himself.

I’d like to thank the writers for finding a reasonable way to keep Frank Lapidus around as a character. I figured he was done because there was no good reason for him to still be around, but I wasn’t happy about it, because I like Frank.

OK, so my thoughts about the last scene: The Left Behind people must have stopped randomly jumping in time as soon as the O6 hit the Event. There still could have been a delay between when the O6 hit the event and when the woke up on the Island, allowing the Left Behind to get a feel for what year it was when they stabilized before they actually find the O6 again — some time in the 1970s. They are trying to blend in as Dharma workers because Dan wants to get at the wheel beneath where the Orchid is being built. It doesn’t explain the Ajira water bottles being in the wreckage of the 815 beach camp in the future, but its my current line of thought.

Honestly, as much as I liked the episode, my brain is having serious trouble processing it right now … which is generally a sign of an awesome episode of Lost.


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  1. A little disjointed .. why were there two others in first class with the O6?

    Why did no one ask Ben how or why he got beat up? I know they don’t trust him but it is a natural question.

    I think Kate gave Aaron to Claire’s mother ( grandmother)…

    I have started watching the replay at 8pm before the new episode.. the screen crawler info is very helpful for us older guys..

    At usual some questions answered , more raised. It looks like next week we will get a lot of answers.

  2. Lapidus RULES.

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