Lost 5.4 “The Little Prince”

Time travel is a bitch, indeed.

The problem with not getting to write the blog until a couple of days after the episode is that things become a little more jumbled in my head, and I start to think more about the preview for next week than the actual episode. Also, while I didn’t think the episode was bad, it just wasn’t as chock full of mythology as the previous episode. Although I suppose more actually happened.

Obviously the biggest revelation is that Jin is still alive and is with Rosseau’s crew 16 years before the 815 crash. I have mixed feelings about Jin’s survival: I like the character, but I thought the death was interesting in the way it developed Sun. Then again, it probably would have proved difficult for the writers to get Sun back to the Island any other way.

Speaking of trailers for next week: Could Ben know Jin is still alive because he met him 19 years earlier? How much might Ben have known about his own fate the entire time if that is the case?

Is Ajira Airlines the way the Oceanic 6 get back to the Island — another plane crash?

So, overall, decent episode, but after “Jughead” it doesn’t inspire a lot of thought.


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