Lost 5.3 “Jughead”

Kudos to Matt Butler for telling me on the phone the night before the episode aired that the model of gun the jumpsuit people were carrying was significant to telling the time period. I was surprised to find out that the flaming arrows came from the jumpsuit Others; I really thought we were seeing a third faction from the jumpsuit guys.

When Dan talked about burying the h-bomb, I found myself wondering if that was what was behind the concrete in the Swan Station, but it seems like it would have to be something more than that. Perhaps it was the h-bomb, but exposure to the natural electromagnetic properties of the Island transformed it over time?

Richard’s eyeliner: Just from the ABC makeup department or a reference to the ancient Egyptian style? We know Richard is very old, and Juliet said that “Richard’s always here.” Also, hieroglyphics have been seen on the Island. Then again, I could be reading all kinds of significance into something that’s just part of TV makeup.

So Charles Widmore was one of Richard’s Others in the 1950s. At some point he leaves the Island. A falling out with Richard? Does Widmore move the Island? I’m leaning toward a falling out with Richard, both from the evident conflict in tonights episode, and from the fact that Richard’s Others were in conflict with the Dharma Initiative. Widmore was certainly one of the powers behind Dharma, so right now I’m thinking he moved the Island, so he couldn’t go back himself, but he funded the Dharma Initiative and sent them there, at which point the disagreement between Richard and him continued by proxy. Ben assisting Richard in the Purge is the beginning of the Widmore/Linus conflict. Just a vague framework of a theory.

And yes, Elise and I both totally went “Awwww!” when Desmond said their son’s name was Charlie.


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  1. My bet is Widmore moved the Island at some point. Now I’m wondering why he’s an Other with a British accent. This implies he didn’t grow up on the Island.

    Also, Richard’s not wearing eyeliner.

    Great episode!

  2. He’s an Other with a British accent, the “Jones” uniform is from the American soldier, and, despite his very youthful apperance, he says that there is no way Locke know the Island better than he does, implying that he has been on the Island for a long time.

    Charles Widmore was a crew member on the Black Rock.

  3. so now we know why Richard visited Locke as a boy- Locke told him to to prove what he said was true about his being special. How long have the Others been there? The question I have is why does Richard not age? From at least 1954 to 2007 he is same age. If they flash back further he will still look the same. And obviously he can leave the island even before Dharma gets there. He visited Locke when Locke was young-so in the early 1960’s.

    the show has become bizarre.. little morsels each week.. this week it was widmore

    oh.. and who is the coma woman that nerdie left behind in England?

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