LOST 5.1 & 5.2, “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

I’m not going to bother trying to divide my thoughts across the two episodes, because it was essentially a two hour episode.

Time travel makes a great storytelling device. It puts Locke in exactly the same position as the audience: He knows he will be dead, and he knows it is part of bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the island, and he knows that it is to stop something horrible. But he doesn’t know anything else, because he is experiencing events in a different order than Richard. Clever.

Things I’d be willing to bet money on: Sun is the one who hired the lawyers that come to see Kate, Ms. Hawking is Dan’s mom, and Miles is Dr. Chang’s (aka Candle, aka Wickmund, aka Halliwax) son.

I still suspect that the Island may move in space as well as time. Since Dan and company may be moving in time independent of the Island, its hard to say.

The normal rules of time travel don’t apply to Desmond–is it beacuse he was born special, destiny or what have you, or is it because he will turn the key in the Swan Station and become unstuck in time himself, therefore exisiting outside of the normal rules?

Neil Frogurt clearly learned nothing about wearing red shirts during his time on the Island. The flaming arrows assumedly come from the Hostiles pre Dharma Purge?

So is Locke pretend dead, or is it just important that nothing happen to his dead body before it gets back to the Island and he pulls a Christian Shephard?


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  1. It was foolish of me to doubt Lost’s focus on time travel. I SHALL NEVER DO IT AGAIN

  2. It did not occur to me until this morning that there are members of the audience who may not have actually acknowledged time travel as anything more than a lark for episodes about Desmond before last night.

  3. my one thought is that the very last episode will be the completion of flight 815. the time travel will reset everything to right before the crash and the flight will land unharmed as it was meant to be before the island caused the crash

  4. Oooh…that’s a good one about Miles being the son of Dr. Chang (aka every other name in the world).
    Joey, again I’m stuck on this idea of being unable to alter time, so how can the last episode be the completion of flight 815, especially when time has continued post-crash. I’m confused! haha

  5. Joe, I don’t know if it fits their “rules” for time travel, but it is a very intriguing idea for the end of the show. And after all, rules are meant to be broken, right?

    One of my thoughts about the end of the show is that the two skeletons in the cave from season one, aka Adam and Eve, are either Kate and Jack or Kate and Sawyer, having been stranded in the past somehow.

  6. the reason that 815 crashed was that the button was not pressed ( caused electromagnetic problems).. so if the show is jumping back and forth because ben move that wheel.. why can’t it they get back to the point where the button is pressed ( by Des or whoever) so that 815 is not disrupted..

    but why does john have to die? why is the genius the same age as when they where first digging the dharma station out many years ago?

  7. Good point, I hadn’t considered that since it was (theoretically) a potential time travel event that caused the crash in the first place, that it maybe then can be changed. I’ll keep my mind open on that one …

    I think that the scene with Dan at the beginning of the first episode happens “later,” from Dan’s perspective, than everything else we’ve seen so far. I think they just put it at the beginning as a tease for the fact that the time jumping will allow the characters to interact with the Dharma Initiative later in the season.

  8. Oh that’s true. Dan told Desmond he was also special. So, Desmond can break the rules and push the button, thus preventing the crash. Interesting.

    We don’t think John “dies.” He might be temporarily dead since Ben takes him to the butcher for “preservation.” Whatever the case, John can’t be DEAD dead.

  9. i also think that the dead people that keep popping up,,, charlie, anna lucia, jacks dad, etc…are not visions but actually them manipulating the time travel..maybe the dead can do that and they show up to “help” if possible.. maybe that is why they ned john to return to the island so he can do the same thing.

    lots of stuff to think about even after 2 episodes

  10. Good thoughts… Did anyone that when Locke saw the crash of the Drug Smuggler’s plane (Yemi) at the actual time of the event (1990 something, I think), it was almost identical to the vision he saw that lead him to the crash in the first place, in Season 2?

    This is kind of hard to explain, but is it possible that the vision/flash in season 2 is an actual memory of him seeing the crash, since it DID happen in the past? Of course, he didn’t know it at the time, because he wouldn’t travel to the past to have the memory until much later… I hope this makes sense. I’m thinking that this type of thing will happen a lot in the coming episodes, and it may go a long way towards explaining some of the mysteries of this island.

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