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Lost 5.3 “Jughead”

Kudos to Matt Butler for telling me on the phone the night before the episode aired that the model of gun the jumpsuit people were carrying was significant to telling the time period. I was surprised to find out that the flaming arrows came from the jumpsuit Others; I really thought we were seeing a third faction from the jumpsuit guys.

When Dan talked about burying the h-bomb, I found myself wondering if that was what was behind the concrete in the Swan Station, but it seems like it would have to be something more than that. Perhaps it was the h-bomb, but exposure to the natural electromagnetic properties of the Island transformed it over time?

Richard’s eyeliner: Just from the ABC makeup department or a reference to the ancient Egyptian style? We know Richard is very old, and Juliet said that “Richard’s always here.” Also, hieroglyphics have been seen on the Island. Then again, I could be reading all kinds of significance into something that’s just part of TV makeup.

So Charles Widmore was one of Richard’s Others in the 1950s. At some point he leaves the Island. A falling out with Richard? Does Widmore move the Island? I’m leaning toward a falling out with Richard, both from the evident conflict in tonights episode, and from the fact that Richard’s Others were in conflict with the Dharma Initiative. Widmore was certainly one of the powers behind Dharma, so right now I’m thinking he moved the Island, so he couldn’t go back himself, but he funded the Dharma Initiative and sent them there, at which point the disagreement between Richard and him continued by proxy. Ben assisting Richard in the Purge is the beginning of the Widmore/Linus conflict. Just a vague framework of a theory.

And yes, Elise and I both totally went “Awwww!” when Desmond said their son’s name was Charlie.


LOST 5.1 & 5.2, “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

I’m not going to bother trying to divide my thoughts across the two episodes, because it was essentially a two hour episode.

Time travel makes a great storytelling device. It puts Locke in exactly the same position as the audience: He knows he will be dead, and he knows it is part of bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the island, and he knows that it is to stop something horrible. But he doesn’t know anything else, because he is experiencing events in a different order than Richard. Clever.

Things I’d be willing to bet money on: Sun is the one who hired the lawyers that come to see Kate, Ms. Hawking is Dan’s mom, and Miles is Dr. Chang’s (aka Candle, aka Wickmund, aka Halliwax) son.

I still suspect that the Island may move in space as well as time. Since Dan and company may be moving in time independent of the Island, its hard to say.

The normal rules of time travel don’t apply to Desmond–is it beacuse he was born special, destiny or what have you, or is it because he will turn the key in the Swan Station and become unstuck in time himself, therefore exisiting outside of the normal rules?

Neil Frogurt clearly learned nothing about wearing red shirts during his time on the Island. The flaming arrows assumedly come from the Hostiles pre Dharma Purge?

So is Locke pretend dead, or is it just important that nothing happen to his dead body before it gets back to the Island and he pulls a Christian Shephard?

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