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What Chris Sims Forgot

Chris Sims, the excellent geek humorist behind Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog, recently ran a post in which he listed the 25 Things Every Comics Collection Truly Needs To Be Awesome. The list is both entertaining and informative, as it actually touches upon a lot of comics tropes that some may not be familiar with. But I submit he forgot one very necessary component of an awesome comics collection:

Grant Morrison’s Doom Force #1

Grant Morrison was writing a now-legendary run on DC’s Doom Patrol in the early ’90s that was full of legitimately edgy, weird ideas with some really cool art while most of mainstream comics was obsessed with “dark” superhero books full of ridiculous violence and terrible artwork that all the 13-year-olds of the time thought was cool (and yes, sigh, I thought that crap looked good at the time too). One of the worst artistic offenders was Mr. Rob Liefeld, who had become something of a superstar in the field despite knowing nothing about perspective, anatomy, or how to draw feet.

So for a one-shot special, Morrison hilariously parodied all of the terrible conventions of the time. Anyone who was reading superhero comics in 1992 can appreciate Doom Force as one of the funnier things ever. It probably doesn’t work as well for an audience not in the know, but if you are trying to put together a truly awesome comics collection, then you are in the know, and you need a copy of this book. It probably wouldn’t hurt to get Morrison’s seriously great Doom Patrol run, either.

Possibly the funniest thing about Doom Force was all the fan mail Morrison recieved from people who didn’t get the joke and thought the writer and DC were finally doing something “cool” with Doom Patrol.

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