Lost 4.10 — “Something Nice Back Home”

Poor Jack–so rarely does he get an episode these days that people don’t accuse of being “filler.” I have to say, I liked this episode. Sure, it wasn’t the crazy action of the previous week, and sure, I’m more excited about the trailer for the next episode than I am about anything actually in the episode, but it was still pretty darn good.

I think there was a high creepiness factor, something that the show does really well when it does it. Hurley was downright disturbing, and Christian Shephard’s appearance was an awesome tense/scary scene. The smoke alarm going off right before Jack sees him was a nice touch. Was it just the battery, or was it something else?

Of course, Rose vocalizes one of the big questions of the episode. Why can Jack get sick? Personally, I think the healing has something to do with moral judgments the Island is making, and I also happen to think that Jack is (or at least can be) a really bad person. He’s a borderline violent alcoholic and an obsessive stalker-type. Of course he can get sick.

Then we have the matter of Claire and Christian disappearing into the woods together. I’m sure we’ll get some answers (or at least some clues) about that this week.

Rousseau is really dead? I’m shocked by that, I truly thought they were just messing with us when she got shot. It still doesn’t rule out finding out more about her past, though, since the whole living/dead line gets a little blurry on the Island.


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