Lost 4.9 — “The Shape of Things to Come”

“Oh, so you do speak English.”

This was probably the most action-packed episode of Lost ever. It was hard not to enjoy it. We now know that Sayid and Ben’s connection was forged over Nadia’s death. We also know that the Ben/Widmore conflict is some sort of sinister game to the two of them, albeit one in which they both seem truly invested in the stakes.

Ben can summon/control the smoke monster, although it still doesn’t mean he was lying when he told Locke that he doesn’t know what it is. He may have no idea what it is he’s controlling. I’ve got to say, the monster’s attack was one of the coolest scenes in the history of the show.

Alex’s rather brutal death scene helps undermine any sense of “safety” for the characters going forward.

There’s not much more to say that springs to mind … the episode was a great way to come off of hiatus, fun and fast-paced.


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