Lost 4.8 — “Meet Kevin Johnson”

I have held off until now, when my excitement for for Lost has again returned to a fever-pitch after the short hiatus, to comment on Michael’s return to the show. On a broad level, I think the episode is good; but on a nit-picking level there are things about the timing that still bother me.

We know time flows differently on the Island, but until we know just how differently, I am going to remain bothered. What gets me is that without knowing exactly when it is Michael and Walt get back to NYC (somehow), Michael then gets in his car accident, recovers, has his exchanges with Tom, travels to Fiji, and reaches the Island all in the space of, what, 3 weeks? Michael’s mother says he was gone for 2 months, putting his return at the end of November. We know that the Kahana arrives at the island before Christmas. I know time tends to get compressed in the name of storytelling, and generally that’s fine, but this episode was really pushing it to me.

One of the other things that initially bothered me about the episode could turn out to be an important point. I’ve assumed that Ben’s people, when leaving the Island, use the sub. But with communications being down, Tom couldn’t have used the sub. Even if Ben was lying to most of his people about the communications, hence why he is talking to Michael from his basement, he still couldn’t send Tom on the sub as that would be a give away. So was Tom teleported off the Island? There was a suggestion in “The Other Woman” that the whispers in the jungle have something to do with some sort of movement, could this also reach off the Island?

Generally, though, the episode is pretty good on its own. Tom is a fun character in it, and Michael doesn’t have to spend half the episode screaming “They took my son! WALT!!!” I doubt Rousseau is dead, or at least I doubt we’ve seen the last of her. Carl, much as I loved it when Ben talked to him this season, was a non-character plot device they were stuck with, and killing him off was wise.

I’m very excited about 4.9, “The Shape of Things to Come,” which is supposedly a Ben flashback.


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  1. Heh, I just read this post after reading The A.V. Club’s interview with Damon and Carlton. One of Damon’s comments:

    “And we find that the [message] boards can be really toxic. Nobody goes on the boards to say: ‘Wow! That was awesome!’ Traditionally, they go on the boards to nitpick and say, ‘Oh, I don’t understand how Michael could have gotten off the island, gotten back to New York, parked Walt, then got indoctrinated by Friendly all in a month.'”

    Well, I enjoy the nitpicking. KEEP IT UP!

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