Lost 3-week Roundup

Ok, so I never got around to writing the Lost blog last weekend, either. I thought this would be a roundup heading into the hiatus, but it turns out they’ve decided to air 4.8 next week after all. I’ve got to say I’m glad they did, I can’t wait for it.

4.5 — “The Constant”

Desmond Hume, like Billy Pilgrim, has come unstuck in time. Slaughterhouse-Five allusions, sticking to the normal flashback structure but making it literal, Charles Widmore buying the only surviving relic of the Black Rock — “The Constant” is not only the best episode (so far) of Season 4, it’s one of the best episodes ever. Dan says that the side-effects are different for different people, and clearly Minkowski hasn’t forgotten about the events of 2004 the way that Desmond has. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Minkowski, either. His time-jumps open up a world of possibility to have him interact with other characters in the flashbacks. Is Dan traveling in time already? Does he not remember Desmond because of his memory problems (like with the cards), or does being on the Island somehow prevent him from remembering the changed events of the past?

4.6 — “The Other Woman”

It didn’t help that it came right after one of the best episodes ever, but this one was just plain weak. I am far from being someone who complains when an episode is more about character development than the mysteries of the Island, and I know that with 40+ episodes still to come, these stories will still be a part of the show. But this one had a weak script, end of story. It was neat to see my long-standing suspicions about Charles Widmore officially confirmed, and some interesting questions about Ben’s dead mommy issues were brought up, but overall this offered little to talk about.

4.7 — “Ji Yeon”

As a counter-point to 4.6, “Ji Yeon” is an example of an episode that also doesn’t offer up much about the ongoing mystery plot, but is still very, very good. The deceptive use of flashbacks for Jin and flashforwards for Sun does feel a bit like cheating by the writers, but not enough to really bother me. Plus, a hint is dropped with the reference to the “Year of the Dragon.” That was 2000, and won’t happen again until 2012. Not that I knew that while watching.

So, Michael, aka Kevin Johnson, is Ben’s man on the boat. This has been the general suspicion ever since Ben said it, but I’m just wondering how they are going to reconcile certain continuity questions pertinent to the situation. I suspect Michael has some time travel in his future (pun intended, if that actually counts as a pun). And apparently the Island can also drive people crazy? There may be something more to that than what the captain’s telling.

Next week we get to “Meet Kevin Johnson,” and I couldn’t be more excited.


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