Lost 4.3 — “The Economist”

Not only is Ben Linus “the good guy” in the lesser of two evils equation that the show seems to be presenting us with, but he has great sense of style off the Island.

Sayid has always seemed to me to have the strongest personality of any of the 815 survivors. I suspect that Ben would have serious trouble manipulating Sayid. That means that Sayid believes what he is doing is right. Whoever “the Economist” that Elsa worked for is, he’s one of the people behind the boat, as evidenced by the similar bracelets worn by Elsa and Naomi.

As far as I’m concerned, Dan’s experiment is confirmation that time travel is going to become a crucial part of the story. Time seems to be flowing differently on the Island, and the act of passing through whatever sort of field surrounds the Island seems to have an impact. Dan’s message that Frank should stay on the same bearing “no matter what” suggests to me that the helicopter could end up elsewhen if it were to do otherwise.

Did Kate choose to stay with Locke’s crew after her conversation with Sawyer, or was her staying another part of the deal Sayid and Locke worked out off camera? I guess we’ll find out next week, since the preview suggests that “Eggtown” is going to be all about her.


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  1. Just a thought….is the time difference a factor in the pregnancy predicament that Julia was trying to cure? That’s the first thing I thought of.

  2. It really depends on how closely intertwined you view the various strange properties of the Island. I think the pregnancy problem is related to the healing properties of the Island — that’s why Juliet says that the pregnant women’s bodies attack the fetus, like a disease. I’ve always figured that the healing quality, which made Locke walk and cured Rose’s cancer, somehow tied in to the the “spirit of the Island,” i.e., the monster and Jacob. How directly that intertwines with the time warp/electromagnetic properties of the Island remains to be seen, and may even be up to individual interpretation.

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