Lost 4.2 — “Confirmed Dead”

The money behind these boat people must be coming from the Hanso Foundation or Whidmore Industries, because I am sure these people want Ben because of his connection to the Dharma Initiative. Specifically, that he is a traitor who assisted the murder of all the Dharma members on the island … except for (and this might be important) the ones in the Swan Station.

I believe that the polar bear skeleton in Tunisia was supposed to have been there for a long time, as suggested by the look of the site, even though it didn’t actually appear fossilized (which may just be an f/x oversight). This to me suggests (like the Orchid video) that time travel and teleportation experiments were being conducted by Dharma.

Is Miles there to speak to Jacob/the Island, or the dead members of Dharma?

Dan is clearly there to examine whatever remains of Dharma’s physics experiments. It has been suggested online that Dan may be something of an autistic savant, explaining his odd behavior and the fact that he can perceive the way the light scatters in the forest.

Charlotte must have been researching clues about time travelers showing up in the archaeological record for some time now.

Frank … well, they needed pilots anyway and since this guy knows somethings up, they need to keep an eye on him.

Ben’s man on the boat? Some have suggested maybe Michael, but I don’t think that is the case. Whoever it is, Ben must have spoken to him before he sent Michael and Walt away on the boat, since right after they left the sky “went purple” and Ben’s communications with the outside world were lost.


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  1. Nah, I’m not buying the time travel yet. (I’ll resist until that one’s forced on me.) Charlotte says that the polar bear skeleton is “a few million years newer” than dinosaur bones. That sounded like dry wit to me.

    Also, hasn’t Ben regained communication with the outside world since the hatch exploded?

  2. I would argue that time travel has already been forced on you, Quantum Leap-style, by way of Desmond, but obviously that’s still open to debate.

    I don’t recall it being established at any point that Ben had regained outside communication, but I could be wrong.

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