Christmas Gift Extravaganza

That’s right, I’m going to break down the gifts I received for Christmas like I’m your annoying 13-year-old cousin.  Shall we?

  • Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition — Yes, the entire run of what I still consider to be David Lynch’s greatest creation. From the pilot to the big reveal midway through Season 2, Twin Peaks is possibly the most brilliantly weird thing to ever grace a television screen (although I still haven’t actually watched The Prisoner). The quality drops sharply after that, though sadly it redeems itself in the last episode after the order to cancel it had been handed down. At least there’s Fire Walk With Me
  • Lost – Season 3 — So far I’ve watched a bunch of the extras on Disc 7 and listened to the commentaries on episodes 3.1, “A Tale of Two Cities,” and 3.20, “The Man Behind the Curtain.”
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 4 — Larry stars in a production of The Producers. Probably my favorite season.
  • The Shining — Finally on DVD in widescreen. This and Alien tie for my favorite horror movie of all time.
  • Kill Bill, Volume 2 — Taken as one film, Kill Bill is, without a doubt, my favorite Tarantino movie. I bought Volume 1 on DVD before Volume 2 hit theaters, so I could be ready. But I never picked this up, because I insisted I was waiting for the inevitable box set. Now that I broke down and asked for it, the box set will probably be out by this summer.
  • Best Buy Gift Card — I used this to get The Big Lebowski, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, and Sid & Nancy.
  • Guitar Hero 3 — The PS2 version.
  • I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert — Reading it right now, wonderful.
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card — Used to purchase The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Myths of Mexico and Peru by Lewis Spence.
  • DVDRW drive and blank dvds
  • My brother got me a nice Fossil wallet/keychain set, and of course I got various articles of clothing, wedding-related items, other gift cards I’ve yet to use, a popcorn tin, etc.

So, that was my consumerist reflection on Christmas 2007.  First Prize goes to Twin Peaks, but only because in the past year I’ve watched Lost Season 3, in its entirety, twice already.  Which reminds me, the prologue to my blogging of Season 4 is coming soon…


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