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You know not the elaborate criteria by which you are to be judged!

Well now.

It’s been quite some time since I actually wrote something for this blog. Since school ended, I’ve felt that I needed some mighty, epic post to mark my return to the intreblogoweb. Now I’ve decided that’s just plain tomfoolery.

I’m writing my first freelance article, so I’ll have something published soon. Hopefully that will help in the continuing job hunt. I do have a job, it’s just that it’s hopelessly boring and has nothing to do with English. Imagine doing data entry in the office from Brazil. It’s quite a bit like that.

I went to the MoCCA Expo last Sunday. The show was full of good stuff, most of which was way too expensive for my budget. Probably the best thing I picked up was a mock storybook called Happy Dog the Happy Dog by Ryan North. Funny stuff.

But there was a really annoying aspect to the day. We got off the train from the Newport Mall at the Christopher St. exit, which is the most convenient for walking to the show. What we didn’t realize before we went was that the very same day was Gay Pride Day, with the requisite huge parade. Now, I have no problem with homosexuality, but I do find having to push through blocks and blocks of crowds — gay or straight — pretty fucking annoying. Even worse was the struggle to get back to the station after the show, only to find that it was closed. It took us two hours to find our way back onto the PATH train after we left the show.

I’m working slowly but surely on my own comics. I’ve penciled a couple strips for my web comic, but have yet to scan them for photoshopping. I’m also back to working on my old project The Strange (But True) Tale of Planet Steve. Yet another comic project is the short sf story I’m working on laying out that will be done with pictures and photoshopping. Plus, there’s always doppelganger. Yeah, I’m trying to be ambitious. I sure hope I don’t end up being lazy…

I have this plan for a series of posts called “The Beginner’s Guide to Being an Effective InterNerd.” We’ll see if that materializes…


The shocking reality was…

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