You’re gonna have to start being scared right now.

Grindhouse is the greatest thing in the history of ever.

That is all.


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Posted on April 9, 2007, in Movies. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I should see it, then?

  2. Absolutely. It was possibly the most fun I have ever had in a theater — but then, I do sit squarely at the center of the target audience.

    There’s a lot of talk around teh internets about what exactly went wrong, in terms of box office. I think the most obvious was the lack of a serious internet marketing campaign — this thing should have been all over MySpace. Instead, the Weinstein’s spent their money in other venues.

    However, they are now thinking about pulling the film and re-releasing it as two separate films, so I would recommend getting out to the theater soon, while you can still get the most bang for your buck.

    Also, if I have to buy two Grindhouse dvds, I’m going to have to kill someone.

  3. There should not be an apostrophe in “Weinstein’s.”

  4. In your opinion, which was better? The Rodriguez part or the Tarantino part? And what are you talking about? If they release Grindhouse as 2 seperate DVDs, you’ll be one of the first to own both.

  5. Okay, I have to admit you’re right, but I’ll still be super pissed. It’s one thing to buy a movie and then have to shell it out again for the special edition. It’s something else altogether to get something that should have been one DVD split into two.

    Personally, I like the Rodriquez portion better, but it’s a pretty close call. Rodriguez’s half is pure fun, non-stop. Tarantino’s is, of course, talky, but here it doesn’t work quite as well as usual. But to his credit, when the action gets going it can’t be denied. Even more to his credit, when his movie has its creepy/disturbing moments, they actually are pretty creepy/disturbing. And I did get the headline from Tarantino’s half.

    Still, I’m just a sucker for a zombie-filled gore-fest.

  6. Speaking of Tarantino’s half, I heard Kurt Russell absolutely makes the film. I also heard he gets beat up by women at the end and thus meets his demise. So sad.

    I was really excited to see this movie, and even though it seems to have bombed a little at the box office (what the hell do these people know? These are the same morons who made Titanic the highest grossing movie ever) I still really want to check it out before it’s too late. Films like this work so much better on the big screen. I just haven’t had the time.

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