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The New Blogness

Just a quick post about the new site — as you can see, the color scheme is very different.  This is not a choice of mine, I just haven’t had time to edit that aspect of the site.  I guarantee that shortly after school ends this will look almost exactly like the old blog.

Another difference is in my links.  On the old site, they appeared in the sidebar.  Here, every day any new links I’ve saved in the last twenty-four hours appear as a post.  Personally, I like the new way a whole lot better.

The archives of the old blog (and my far older Blogger site) have been mostly integrated into this blog, although I think I may have lost the comments.  Eventually this will be complete.

That’s about all I have time for right now — I can’t wait until May!

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It’s been a rough week…

I was in an accident last Friday. I’m okay, fortunately, but my car was totaled. Of course, it came on a weekend when I was already stressed about a paper for Faulkner and my thesis proposal for Senior Seminar.

So it was a rough weekend, but it didn’t end there. Tuesday evening, sadly, Elise’s family dog Cesar had to be put to sleep. He was fifteen and his health was failing, so it wasn’t a total shock, but losing a dog after fifteen years is losing a family member.

Cheerful, no?

But life does have an annoying little way of going on, so what can you really do? Besides, at least spring break is here. I’ll still be spending a lot of my time on school work, though.

I’m pretty happy with my thesis. The book I’m working on is A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby. I had heard of neither the book nor the author before this semester. The book is very good; it’s about an intensely unprepared journey to northeast Afghanistan in 1957, and is very funny if you appreciate dry, dark humor. My thesis, in a nutshell, is that the work derives its humor from the tension between the Colonialist mythology that dominated the British mind during the age of the empire, leaving a strong impression on the notion of British travel/exploration, and the author’s awareness as an intelligent man that it is patently absurd to think that strength of character alone is enough for a totally untrained individual to survive the trek up a 21,000 foot mountain in the Asian wilderness. I’m looking forward to diving into the full paper (sort of).

During my research, I lucked upon a Firefox extension that has proven to be quite helpful. Scrapbook beefs up the ability to save a web page, and adds the ability to save the whole site. What’s really nice is the ability to then go through your scrapbook and highlight things, make annotations, all the fun stuff you can do to books. I really recommend this one for anyone in an academic setting.

Well, that’s it for now. I may not post again until May, after I’ve crossed the finish line.

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