Early man walked away, as modern man took control.

I woke up this morning to discover a very pleasant surprise in my in-box: both my classes for the day were canceled. That’s a bit easier to pull off when you have the same professor for both. I thought I’d take advantage of this little bit of extra time I’ve been afforded to post something here, which I haven’t really had much time to do. The semester is starting to enter the home stretch, so the volume gets turned up on the workload. Next semester is going to be even worse — five classes, one of which is Senior Seminar. But in May I’ll be done. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I’ve been having a technical issue with my blog, so I thought I’d open source the question, so to speak. A few months ago I tried to set up del.icio.us to do daily blog posting, a feature they offer were any bookmarks you’ve made in the last 24 hours are posted as an item to your page, as opposed to the link roll I presently have in the sidebar. There were lots of issues with getting the technical side of that set up. Ultimately, Prof. Ken Tompkins proved a tremendous help in figuring out the correct settings. He even did a test blog himself to make sure it was working. But then I ran into another issue — my url was so long that del.icio.us kept cutting it off and telling me the blog didn’t exist. Well, I eventually found a solution for that in the form of TinyURL. But yet another issue crept up, for which I can find no solution. Now the error message that is returned is that my old e-mail address, which is the one I still use to sign into this blog, does not have permission to create news items. I tried replacing it with my new address, thinking that perhaps I had changed some of my Manila settings at some point. Same response.

Now, at this stage I was ready to just chalk the whole thing up to the quirkiness of the feature on del.icio.us’s end. But then last week I installed a very nice extension for Firefox called Performancing. Basically it lets you turn half your browser window into an editor that you can use to post to your various blogs. I had no problem getting it set up to post to my Internet, Writing, and Society blog. But I ran into the same problem with this blog I did with del.icio.us — the user does not have permission. So my question to anyone out there who reads this and knows anything about Manila is, “Do I have to change my blog settings to anything specific to allow remote posting to the blog?” Any help with this will be much appreciated.

Speaking of other blogs, Blogger’s new beta introduced the ability to tag your posts and have a tag archive in the sidebar, along with the traditional chronological archive. For some reason they decided to call them labels, even though everyone on teh intraweb has agreed they are called tags, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, Manila should jump on this bandwagon. It’s a great feature.

So, I’m in American Cinema this semester, which provides a great excuse to keep watching movies even when school gets really hectic. I’ve decided that I am going to post reviews of all the movies I’ve watched, beginning very soon. I’ve obviously had to think about the films a bit, since I wrote at least two pages about all of them. Writing up actual reviews will be more writing practice for me, and maybe send a reader or two out to rent something themselves. Heck, maybe even all four of you will rent something.

Today, I leave you with two videos. One is a demo of a robot machine gun sentry the South Koreans have developed to place in the DMZ between themselves and North Korea. The other is about the downfall of American civilization. Enjoy.


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