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Seriously Cord — Shut Up.

No, I mean it — shut up.

Kudos, Sean.


One-Way Ticket to Midnight

Well, it has been quite a while, hasn’t it? I really did have every
intention of posting regularly throughout the summer. Then my job
ended (temp position) and it took me a couple of weeks to find a new
one. One would think that having all that spare time would lead to a
tremendous increase in the number of posts; quite the opposite, I was
too depressed by the lack of work to have any motivation. It even took
me until I had another job to do my whopping three pages for doppleganger #2.

Elise and I have been adjusting to the realities of living together.
For the most part it’s great, but there are little annoyances. For
example, I know she would surrender a major organ to be able to have
the bed to herself for one night. I can sympathize — we are both
fairly mobile sleepers.

So, with school starting again, not only will I be making a sincere
attempt to be more active on this blog again, but I will be starting a
new one for a specific class. It’s called Internet Writing and Society, and I will of course link to that one from here. This weekend we had to read the first half of The Media is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan.
I’m quite into it; I recommend checking it out. Even if you are
already acquainted with ideas of how electronic media changes the
functioning of society, the fact that McLuhan was writing about it in
the sixties in a way that is even more appropriate to the internet era
is impressive.

I had mentioned previously that I was going to write about a video
game that needs to be made. What I have been thinking about is machinima and a game that already exists called The Movies.
It’s late, so I’m not going to go into the whole thing right now, but I
essentially envision a “game” that’s sole purpose is to serve as a
machinima maker, with a director player with access to a wide range of
controls, while the actors only have very character specific controls.
Basically an on-line, multiplayer version of The Movies. I have
some thoughts as to how this is significant to the development of
participatory culture, but I’ll go into that when I have more brain


The new semester has started, and a real update to this will be coming soon. Details on the later part of the summer, what I’m up to now, and all of that. I know you all need it so bad you can feel it down in the pit of your stomachs. Soon, my worshipers, soon.

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