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Forget about the Gelgameks.

I am desperately crawling toward next week and the completion of this semester.  My last class is on Tuesday and I have until that Thursday to e-mail my last assignment to my professor.  Right now, I am leaning toward saying the Intro to Lit Research was my favorite class of the semester, but that seems like such a profoundly masochistic statement that I may have to just ignore the idea all together.  I’m going to have a summer class, but just one.  Not so bad.  There will be a real update some time after next week.


I find your lack of faith disturbing…

The updates come less frequently as the semester nears its end.  Even when I’m not actually in the midst of working on something the impending wrap-up weighs on me.  I will be very, very happy when May gets here.  I just hope my one summer class doesn’t prove to be more work than one class should reasonably be.  I would really like to get some recreational reading done, not to mention some recreational recreation.

In the small windows of time I have between when I stop working on whatever assignment is taking up my evening and the point at which I pass out I have been watching Cowboy Bebop.  I would catch the occasional episode on Adult Swim and think “This seems cool.  I wish I could catch it from the beginning and know what’s going on.”  Now, thanks to the early birthday present of a Netflix subscription, I am getting to do just that.  It’s kind of funny, now that I’m seeing it all I realize just how many of the episodes stand alone and only require you to pick up on the character’s personalities.  There are still threads running through the whole thing that make you appreciate it more if you see it all in order, like any good anime series.  As a late comer to this one, I’m happy to see it lives up to the hype.  Unlike the Miyazaki films that have been my primary anime fare in the last few years which appeal to my art-loving, philosophical side, Bebop reminds me what got me interested in anime when I was a teenager: sometimes cartoons full of violence and spaceships are just fucking cool.  Plus Bebop has a good soundtrack.

There’s an article on Slate today that touches on a somewhat related note.  I think I’m in agreement with the general vibe of the article — when I get parted from my current HBO subscription I don’t think I’m going to replace it.  I think Netflix will do a perfectly good job of filling that role, what with HBO dvds releasing in slightly less than a year after their original air dates.

Also, Snakes on a Plane.  No, seriously — Snakes on a Plane.

SeaScraper coming soon . . .

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