Just say Smith again.

I was elated this week when, for the first time since I started this blog, I caught the episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force that inspired its name.  More accurately, it inspired Randy, Greco, Bob Krol, and I (among others) to repeatedly quote Carl’s brilliant line, “It don’t matta.  Nunna dis mattas.”  What we recognized at once about this was that while he may have been directly talking about the formalities of a wedding with a Chechnyan mail-order bride, Carl’s words really apply to the entire shared illusion of modern society.  Over analyzing?  I think not.

Anyone not familiar with the episode (or for that matter the series *gasp*) owes it to themselves to check it out.  I believe it is in the second season, handily available on DVD.  If anyone does actually check out the show for the first time based on this, I will add this caveat: if you can’t appreciate the absurd, you probably shouldn’t bother.  But if you can you will be happy to know that the show requires no particular order of viewing.  To say that “continuity” is a word the creators do not hold in high esteem would be quite the understatement.

On a similarly Adult Swim-themed note, I am very excited about the second season of The Venture Bros. starting in June.  This show is the best of the Adult Swim original comedies.  Frankly, I’d like to know when the hell the season one DVD is coming out.  But the promise of new episodes is certainly a sweeter fruit.  Consider this another endorsement; if you have On-Demand you should check out whatever episode is up there.  It’s free, so really, what’s your excuse?  Huh?

The show plays off of action-adventure cartoons from the 70s, most obviously Johnny Quest.  These same shows became familiar to kids growing up in the 80s (like me) through USA’s Cartoon Express.  I would imagine kids who grew up in the 90s would have gotten to know them during the days before Cartoon Network had much original programming to offer.  What really makes Venture Bros. good is that it’s a parody, not just reference-fest comedy.  It’s akin to the old Tick animated series (with which it shares some creators); it plays spectacularly off the silliness inherent in the genre it’s parodying.

As for the legal issues that have kept the aforementioned Tick series from being released on dvd, I’ll just say that it breaks my heart daily.


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