You can’t take the sky from me . . .

So I went to see Serenity Friday night. It’s basically impossible for me to figure out how to review this for people who didn’t watch Firefly, the short-lived but brilliant TV series upon which the movie is based. For the faithful though, it’s really a dream come true. Joss Whedon manages to address the most pressing questions raised during his 14-episode series in two-hours, specifically related to River Tam. Mal, aka Captain Malcom Reynolds, and River are the primary characters here along with the main villain, a nameless Alliance Operative. All the other characters are in supporting roles for this “episode,” but they get their moments. He manages to distill the essence of an entire second season into these two-hours. Of course it means that you lose some of the fun of slow discovery that would have been present had the show actually continued; a hint here, another there, all building up to an awesome season finale. But it works here, it really does, and I’d rather have the condensed version of the story than nothing at all.

The fact that this movie exists really is a testament to the way the term “cult” has gone from meaning a movie for a bunch of weirdos to a term meaning a movie with a built in marketing demographic. Okay, so that marketing demographic is made up of a bunch of weirdos, but we geeks are more than happy to finally be a sought after audience. After all, we care about this stuff so much more than other people. I mean, fuck, that’s what makes us geeks. DVD is the reason this all happens now. Who cares about a show that was cancelled after 11 episodes? But that same show shatters its projected sales on DVD, and its movie time. Because the people who bought that DVD won’t just see the movie in the theater, many if not most of them will buy as many versions of the DVD as you release. Being a geek isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a disease. A disease that means NOT buying the deluxe director’s cut DVD is simply not an option.

By the way, if you get HBO and you are not watching Rome, then you are throwing your money away.


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  1. Hey I’m Matt from Lit. Meth. class. Haven’t seen Rome but see all the ads when I tune in for “Curb”(which isn’t nearly as good as the early seasons so far). And is it just me or would you like to see a show about Ancient Rome where the actors don’t have English accents? Maybe, I don’t know…Italian ones? For a change?

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