Who shot who in the what now?

My internet access at work was down for about a week and a half. My time at Stockton has started. Hence, no blog for a bit. Well, really, more the work thing than the Stockton thing, I’ve actually only been in class for two days now. As annoying as it was to not have web access for that week, I did finally finish reading Player Piano and read all of Phillip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. It can be hard to read in this place, having to shift your attention back and forth between the page and the phone. Still, it was good practice to do it all week, since I’m going to rely on that extra reading time as school gets more intense. In fact, as I write this, I’m just taking a short break from How to Read Literature Like a Professor. My work load is going to be significant, having three classes with the word “literature” in their names, but I’m sure I’ll face worse in the future. There will inevitably be some rough times . . . like having a five to six page paper explicating a poem based on the meanings of the words at the time it was written as provided by the Oxford English Dictionary due on the Monday after SPX weekend. I don’t think I have anything due the Monday after Halloween weekend, which is good. Word of the party is, of course, spreading like a mutant virus in the Congo river basin. But I digress . . .

Literary Methodologies actually requires me to blog; part of the class participation grade is based upon how active in the on-line class community we are. There is the blog and something else called WebCaucus, which I believe is a message board and forum. I’ll put a link up between the two blogs if it’s not something you need a college password to get to . . . I don’t think it will be, the prof’s web site is public. Well, that’s about it. No clever closer, not even a clear conclusion. I need to go to the break room and get another Pepsi; I’m crashing from the one I had at lunch. I’ll have to make this one stretch through the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to seeing Elise and drawing this weekend, and maybe I’ll make my first entry from home in this thing while I’m at.

P.S. Go out and get Plans, the new album from Death Cab for Cutie, as soon as you can. So I sayeth.


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  1. I agree with you on Plans…definately the best album I’ve listened to all year, although I may have to listen To Beck’s again and compare.

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