My God, he’s full of crap . . .

When one reaches a certain degree of boredom at work, one finds oneself eating one’s own words. Here I am starting a full-blown blog. But I plan to avoid complete and total hypocrisy by trying not to make this a sounding board for my emotional dysfunction. It’s more of a refuge from the occasional mind-numbing boredom of work. Not that I am all that annoyed by my recent need to find stimulation at work. Fleeing retail is one of the most satisfying things that’s ever happened in my life. There is something that makes me feel so guilty about loving this cubicle-zombie hell; some neo-bohemian, geek-nick instinct to reject this kind of “work” as just plain evil nags at the edges of my thoughts. But the truth is I pretty much love it here. I love finally getting to work the same schedule as 90% of the world, I love not having to deal with customers, I love being able to e-mail surveys back and forth with my (gorgeous) girlfriend all day, I love that in a few weeks when I’m back in school I’ll be able to get a lot of homework done while I’m on the clock. Of course, I hate the “Office Space” overly-chipper vibe that permeates much of this place, I hate the sheer monotony and need to for a constant caffeine fix, I hate that despite not having customers to deal with I still get shit attitudes from people about things that are not my fault and are far beyond my control or even influence in the Byzantine network that is Subaru corporate accounting. And I hate that any website with the keyword “games” connected to it is blocked by the network, with one notable exception.

Which brings me to my next point. I love football as much as the next guy. I am excited about watching the Eagles fourth-string play the Steelers fourth-string in tonight’s first pre-season game. But I am just plain incapable of the level of attention required to engage in fantasy football. Despite the otherwise pervasive block on all things “games” by the WebSense network admins, fantasy football leagues are readily accessible. Even though I really have no right to be, I’m a bit peeved by the fact that I can’t so much as read reviews or rumors for X-Box or PS2 while the fantasy football player can go so far as to be involved in the actual game play. Yeah, I know that “gameplay” is a bit of a stretch when one is talking about the stat-tracking and trading involved in fantasy football, but at the end of the day I think it still fits the definition. I’m not looking to play so much as Tetris at work, but I would like to be able to read about what the initial games for X-Box 360 are going to be like. I guess this is pretty dumb, petty, and geeky thing to complain about, but whatever. I felt so inclined.


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